Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Senses (June)

Car, University and bed. (Not always in that order.)
Smelling: My newly dyed hair.
Tasting: The tasteless. Water. Lots of it.
Hearing: The Walk by Imogen Heap (She's just wonderful. The song has about 40 interpretations)
Feeling: Like, the summer has lost its splendor.

Why the right thing to do, does not necessarily always feel right.

Monday, 29 June 2009

I'm Mrs Teapot...

In the life altering question of "tea or coffee?" I have often wondered where I stand. I enjoy both as time wasting beverage. Something to do until I have something to do. I enjoy discussions over coffee as much as I enjoy gatherings over tea. But, Lately I seem to be gravitating towards tea a whole lot more. It's simply more fascinating.

I love herbals and I seem to be collecting them from around the world. My tea shelf has the diversity of a Benetton ad. I don't think I can leave a supermarket without a new kind of tea.

White tea from China. (Dean & Deluca)
Green tea from Japan. (TSC)
Herbal fusions from Dr. Stuart. (TSC)

There's nothing I love more that relaxing with a hot cup of tea in the evening.