Saturday, 23 May 2009

and the winners are ...

My quest for the perfect perfume came to an end, yesterday. I was growing weary of my Coco Mademoiselle. I felt like I out grew it. Not age-wise, Chanel perfumes are forever. But, personality-wise. I wanted something more womanly, less girly.

I knew it would be a challenge because I was not a fan of the fruity or candy-esque scents, which seem to be oh-so popular nowadays. Britney Spears' Fantasy gives me a headache. I also, dislike the powdery scents. The perfumes that only last an hour, at best. So the criteria was: Floral/Musky, Concentrate (parfum not toilette), womanly but not overpowering. I want my scent to linger after I'm gone (left the room, not dead). But, not too powerful that people think I've been marinated overnight, like a chicken cutlet.

After a good 15 minutes and my nose begging for mercy, I found two. I couldn't decide between them. So I decided to have them both and work out a routine. Like, Day/Night or Summer/Fall
. Maybe I'll adjust them to my mood.

Notice, the creativity in hiding my indecisiveness.

Rose Essentielle by Bulagri (Floral)

Coco by Chanel (Musky)


Anonymous said...

Stella by mcartney.

The best smelling thing ever.

Belle said...

Is that the one that comes in the purple bottle?