Monday, 29 June 2009

I'm Mrs Teapot...

In the life altering question of "tea or coffee?" I have often wondered where I stand. I enjoy both as time wasting beverage. Something to do until I have something to do. I enjoy discussions over coffee as much as I enjoy gatherings over tea. But, Lately I seem to be gravitating towards tea a whole lot more. It's simply more fascinating.

I love herbals and I seem to be collecting them from around the world. My tea shelf has the diversity of a Benetton ad. I don't think I can leave a supermarket without a new kind of tea.

White tea from China. (Dean & Deluca)
Green tea from Japan. (TSC)
Herbal fusions from Dr. Stuart. (TSC)

There's nothing I love more that relaxing with a hot cup of tea in the evening.

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Ruby Woo said...

I never drink tea.. I rarely drink coffee.

Orange juice is much much more better ;p